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M.S.I. Health International. (M.S.I.) is a Nursing healthcare company established to provide Long Term Care along with hospitals with skilled health care professionals - registered nurses, registered practical nurses, personal support workers, case managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to our clients.

From our offices In Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Ottawa and California USA. We operate throughout Ontario, along with the United States of America. We have created the best team of professional people, experienced in supporting the healthcare industry; able provide necessary paperwork to meet your needs. Confident in our success we assure our clients a smooth and caring process

Our growth as an organization is due to our very simple philosophy: we believe nursing support, through our employees, and the other supporting healthcare professionals are paramount to every patient.  Further, we know that supporting the client and retaining the right personnel is crucial to patient health in both the short and long term. To this end we will work to find those healthcare professionals that best to fit our clients’ need and medical conditions

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