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Thank you for this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our service to you. Here at MSI Health International,  (MSI) is a healthcare company providing the highest quality health care support to a variety of hospitals and long term care facilities in Canada and the USA. We have a highly qualified and professional team hailing from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds thereby allowing MSI to provide consistent, sensitive and nurturing care to all patients in our culturally diverse country.

Our hiring and orientation process:

We provide our services through our nurses, personal support workers, case managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.  Each health care professional must complete out stringent application and skills set evaluation, provide references, valid licenses and vaccines, a police check and other certifications.  All professionals must then go through our orientation in order that we may ascertain that they meet the MSI level of expertise and professionalism.  We strive to work closely with our healthcare facilities to satisfy all their needs - MSI will customize our orientation to fit your needs.


Our floating nurses:


In todayís health care environment nurses are asked to wear many different hats and to move from department to department at a momentís notice. At TSE we teach and assist our nurses to be an effective float nurse.  They are trained to change assignments and maybe move to another department or unit to assist the hospitals with shortages.













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