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M.S.I. Services. through our IT division MSI Health IT Services has been providing IT healthcare services including HR recruitment Services and Health Consulting for clinical practice clients. MSI offers these services to take the pressure off medical offices and healthcare facilities by implementing up-to date technology to streamline your medical services.  In todayís healthcare environment, increasing patient care and safety, efficiently engaging IT services and medical specialistís services for your office can be very demanding.


From our offices In Scarborough, we operate throughout the GTA and Ontario. We have created the best team of professional people, experienced in supporting the healthcare industry. We are confident in our success we assure our clients a smooth and quick process from quick call out times to your location to our 24/7 technical support for todayís busy healthcare office or clinic.           

M.S.I. function is to deliver a healthcare technology solution that enable healthcare providers to achieve the highest standards of safety, quality and efficiency. Both an understanding of healthcare and our ability to deliver a full range of services including technology solutions and services differentiates in todayís healthcare market.


Our growth as an organization is due to our very simple philosophy: we believe healthcare support, and our understanding of the healthcare market, are paramount to every medical clinic or office & patientís you support.  Further, we know that supporting our healthcare clients and retaining the right understanding of your business needs is crucial to our business in both the short and long term.


Some of our Services

MSI Health also provides a number of services which include EV Chargers install and purchase and setups.  The supply of medical equipment & Medical supplies through our approved supplier. Our main areas of services cover a number of demographic databases Services, IT full system services, Electronic medical records services, CCTV SData Clinical record keeping, along with recruitment services to supply talented staff.


Electric vehicle (EV) charging services

MSI is providing several Electric vehicle (EV) charging options available within Ontario and Toronto, both public and private. Here are some of the main types of EV charging stations MSI installs:


Charging stations Installs: We are providing EV charges for commercial and residential buildings in Toronto we have installed EV charging stations for their tenants or customers to use.


Residential charging Install: Many EV owners in Toronto also charge their vehicles at home, using Level 1 or Level 2 chargers installed in their garages or driveways.


Overall, MSI has a growing network of EV charging options, making it easier than ever for electric vehicle owners to find a convenient place to charge their vehicles.

















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